The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Transformation

24 January 2018 |

I often reflect back to the day in 2007 when I first decided to create a personal profile on a website called Facebook. While I suspected that it would elevate my social life to some extent, I never imagined how it would come to change the world we live in today. It has allowed people to connect with each other on a global scale like never before, and it opened up new possibilities for companies to do business in a way they hadn’t previously conceived before.

With the advent of social networking, the rate of technological progress and the growing demand for digital to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more connected, it is no surprise today that we find ourselves in an industry built on delivering digital products and services. One could argue that the creative services industry was an early adopter, seeing the future potential that digital would hold for companies and as such earning our place in the business world as the trusted advisors who guide and inspire our clients to take big leaps and harness the power of doing business in a digital world.

Fast forward to 2018 where online banking is no longer the pinnacle of digital innovation and more and more people are gaining access to smart devices and the internet, and we have a world where digital services are becoming more and more sophisticated every day.

In our role as digital advisors and partners, we cannot afford to stagnate in our own understanding of digital when our clients look to us to lead them into the next frontier of digital maturity. It is our responsibility to practice what we preach – to continuously push the boundaries of what we know, to find the future opportunities that are starting to peak their heads out over the horizon, and most importantly to fulfil our clients’ ever changing needs.

What does this mean for Creative Spark? This year, we build on the foundations we laid during the past year as digital growth experts by expanding our service offering into a brand-new consulting department dedicated to driving digital transformation for our customers.

The Digital Transformation department will offer customers both strategic and operational support in the area of digital transformation as well as the complementary disciplines of customer experience management, data and analytics services and change management with the goal of helping customers achieve their long term, sustainable growth targets.

Over the next few months, I look forward to sharing with you our vision for the department, interesting insights, and stories of success.

Watch this space and get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.