Video: Thought Leader Si Ekin presents The Art of Courage

1 July 2016 | , author, cape town, coach, Creative Spark, facilitator, speaker, teacher of courage, thought leader

Simon (aka Si) Ekin is a teacher of courage, a thought leader but mostly crazy for taking on the ultimate fear-inducing challenge – public speaking. He has worn many professional hats in the last 18 years and is most popularly known for disrupting the silence in public spaces (like buses and tube stations). Ever stood up in a bus to speak about whatever? He certainly has, and his personal challenge to complete “90 talks in 90 days” has changed his life and the lives of others, one awkward public speech at a time.

While speaking to audiences from all walks of life, Si secretly grapples with his own ‘demons’ and admits that “I battle with all the things I speak about and coach about: commitment, risk, fear of failure. The list goes on. But when I am present, alert, and aware of my bullsh*t, I remember that real power, real courage is about giving it a go, and that the only failure is not giving it a go.” Learn more about Simon Ekin and what he does on his website, we dare you to get in touch with him.