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Web Design Trends 2014

30 July 2014

At Creative Spark, we encourage our employees to host sharing sessions with the rest of the team about new trends and updates within the industry.  Recently, Ltisch Amos, our senior Digital Designer, shared her knowledge in a sharing session on current and upcoming web design trends. We liked it so much that we uploaded a […]

New Creative Spark Gems

30 July 2014

Archie Makuwa Archie Makuwa joined the team as a developer in May 2014 after some freelancing for a while in the Place of Gold. If he’s not in front of his computer, he’s hanging out with other developers/tech geeks at a hackathon somewhere or enjoying a hike in the beautiful Cape Town mountains. “The man […]

World Cup 2014 Infographic

30 July 2014

Having FIFA World Cup withdrawal? Have a look at the infographic we put together so you can relive some of the glory. We were hard at work pulling stats, facts and everything in-between (not to mention a “certain” internal survey amongst the women about the hottest player of the tournament. Gulp). Check it all out below!

We’re looking for talented developers!

30 July 2014

We’re growing! This means that we”re expanding our development team and are looking for development GURUS to join the fold. If you”re a “can do” person who works quickly and is committed to working as a team player for a collaborative end goal, we want you! You”ll get to work on a number of exciting […]

New Website

14 May 2014

Creative Spark has developed a brand spanking new, fully responsive website for its online presence. Chris Conradie, our Production Manager and a long-standing fixture at Creative Spark, mentions some of the highlights to look forward to on the new site:

New Office Spot

12 May 2014 | , company, Creative Spark, Foosball, Office news, Old Castle Brewery, pizza, space, staff, staff functions

After four years in Kloof street, the CSI team migrated to Old Castle Brewery in Woodstock. Our new home is sunny, modern, and best of all, has mega fast bandwidth.