Our Current Products

Creative Spark’s open source-driven Content Management System (CMS) Spark Plug is a custom, enterprise-level WordPress framework installation offering. This innovative solution is simple and easy to maintain, linkable to various plug-ins and add-ons and is totally safe and secure.Administrators are able to create profiles with different levels of control-authority to easily and quickly update content.SparkPlug builds on the solid, established WordPress foundation and offers the following enhancements:

  • Quick setup on existing Creative Spark server infrastructure
  • Increased security
  • Ensuring WordPress is always up to date with continuous upgrades
  • Ensuring core WordPress plugins are always up to date
  • Ticketing and request system
  • Caching (on request)

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Creative Spark’s mobile, multi-platform app suite solution for content publishers is an easily customised, independent answer to widening your reach in our fast growing mobile market.It is a fully hosted, SaaS service that operates on a licence fee. This allows for a far more cost-effective and simpler installation.Currently we cater for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android, and WebApp applications.

  • Extending your existing content to these various mobile platforms will:
  • Increase market penetration to mobile users.
  • Create an additional sustainable revenue stream via advertising.
  • Increase overall daily traffic.
  • Increase return traffic (Frequency).

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Creative Spark’s JOBsmart solution is an easy to install, out-the-box, Software-as-Service (SaaS) job resource for online publishers and corporates.It is a tried and tested platform built on a robust and advanced backend for which there is a dedicated team to assist with queries and job postings as part of a monthly retainer or as required.JOBsmart allows publishers to create an additional sustainable revenue stream via job postings and advertising whilst increasing daily traffic.For Corporates, JOBsmart makes it easier and faster to find the right people, while saving you money.

Downloadable PDF – CORPORATES
Downloadable PDF – PUBLISHERS

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